Sunday, August 11, 2013


My cheek was pinkish red when I was young. When I grew older, the pinkish red turned a little more red day by day. And finally one day 3 years ago, it finally broke out.

All the vessels on my cheek suddenly appeared and there were also little acne-like dots coming out. I was desperate and I could not believe it would have happened to me. And it was that day which had made me a Herosacea, fighting a lifetime immune system crisis called ROSACEA.

 photo photo_zps298ab710.jpg

Well..I still have not found the causes of my rosacea yet. It might be alchohol, might be the sun, might be dust... All I know is I was not allegic to any food.. or anything..

No alchohol, no spicy food, no coffee, no chocolate, no high temperature, no no no.. There are a lot of things WE the Herosacea can't do.. Oo La La...I will share all these later in my blog.

It is a lifetime crisis as I have mentioned. Can't be cured but can be controlled. I have had mine controlled .. but recently it came to me again..Anyway, I will share more on how I control my Rosacea. Instead of seeing it as a crisis, I now see it as my asset and it has become part of me..Thinking this way makes me feel a lot better.

Anyway, thanks for reading this very first post. Will keep everyone posted of my situation and share bits of my life. Cheers.

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