Monday, August 19, 2013

6th Day

6th day for the medication.

Much better. Not itchy at all and redness has reduced.

However, this afternoon, felt hot and face turned red again.

Possible causes

  1. Milk
  2. Pms
See my situation yesterday ;) work hard and hope will recover asap!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sparkle Our Life

Rosacea has taken up major part of my life but not all!

Skin is not pretty but I believe we can still stay pretty inside out!

First thing to do tonight is to organize one of my jewelry boxes! Look at these sparkling pieces! Wish my life sparkle as much too.





Trial and Error

Today is the 4th day taking medication.

Redness has reduced and dots have reduced too! Skin has become flatter.

I realized some factors triggering Rosacea that I rarely find online. All from my own trial and error.

1. Heat: weather in HK sucks! It is so humid and warm. So basically I have my A/C on 24/7. However, there are still times I leave my A/C off. And even with fans on, I can still feel the heat and it makes my face hot and itchy.

2. Sugar: I did not realize that sugary food triggers Rosacea too. But from recent trial and error, I realize everytime after having treats, my face just feel itchy. Bacteria love sugar. That's why.

3. Sweating and exercise: I know exercise is good for health and that's why I picked up running 3 months ago. Since then, my Rosacea has been unstable. I think exercise is still good yet sweating too much especially on face can be a problem.

All in all, still, no one knows the causes and direct trigger to Rosacea. Be it a bacteria issue, be it an immune system issue, everyone's situation can be different. I believe in trial and error and you know what you are not supposed to do.

Cheers. Stay tough Herosacea! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meet the Doctor

I tried many methods to control Rosacea.

Taking supplements, acupuncture, Budwig diet, organic skincare... you name it! I tried different ways yet I always avoid seeing doctors as I hate applying steroid which makes your skin thinner.

This time, my rosacea has become stage 3... my face and even my neck is covered with acne-like dots.. and of course it is super duper red that everyone on the street tries to stare at me.

Help! and this time I have to go to doctor's! I have witnessed my colleague Suki recovered from Rosacea stage 3. And I therefore went to this Dr Chan today.

People living in HK know it is Typhoon 8 today and  basically all clinics are closed. I tried to call and of course no one picks up. But at around 1pm I got a phone call from Dr Chan. OMG He is my saviour!

Let me share what was given as treatment.

1. Medication

  • Tetralysal : antibiotics often used as rosacea treatment. usually take this for 6-8 weeks.

2. Ointment

  • Rozex gel: used at night; for killing bacteria 
  • Protopic ointment: not like steroid, it does not make your skin thin. Yet applying this ointment might make you more sensitive to sun light. 
3. Curing your heart
  • Most Rosacea patients like myself ...must have gone through times when they lose their confidence..when they feel upset ...Dr Chan is a good listener. Though he does not ensure a 100% recovery (which is also the fact), he definitely give you confidence!
Alright.. will keep you posted my situation. If you ever wanna know about the doctor's info, let me know.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


My cheek was pinkish red when I was young. When I grew older, the pinkish red turned a little more red day by day. And finally one day 3 years ago, it finally broke out.

All the vessels on my cheek suddenly appeared and there were also little acne-like dots coming out. I was desperate and I could not believe it would have happened to me. And it was that day which had made me a Herosacea, fighting a lifetime immune system crisis called ROSACEA.

 photo photo_zps298ab710.jpg

Well..I still have not found the causes of my rosacea yet. It might be alchohol, might be the sun, might be dust... All I know is I was not allegic to any food.. or anything..

No alchohol, no spicy food, no coffee, no chocolate, no high temperature, no no no.. There are a lot of things WE the Herosacea can't do.. Oo La La...I will share all these later in my blog.

It is a lifetime crisis as I have mentioned. Can't be cured but can be controlled. I have had mine controlled .. but recently it came to me again..Anyway, I will share more on how I control my Rosacea. Instead of seeing it as a crisis, I now see it as my asset and it has become part of me..Thinking this way makes me feel a lot better.

Anyway, thanks for reading this very first post. Will keep everyone posted of my situation and share bits of my life. Cheers.