Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meet the Doctor

I tried many methods to control Rosacea.

Taking supplements, acupuncture, Budwig diet, organic skincare... you name it! I tried different ways yet I always avoid seeing doctors as I hate applying steroid which makes your skin thinner.

This time, my rosacea has become stage 3... my face and even my neck is covered with acne-like dots.. and of course it is super duper red that everyone on the street tries to stare at me.

Help! and this time I have to go to doctor's! I have witnessed my colleague Suki recovered from Rosacea stage 3. And I therefore went to this Dr Chan today.

People living in HK know it is Typhoon 8 today and  basically all clinics are closed. I tried to call and of course no one picks up. But at around 1pm I got a phone call from Dr Chan. OMG He is my saviour!

Let me share what was given as treatment.

1. Medication

  • Tetralysal : antibiotics often used as rosacea treatment. usually take this for 6-8 weeks.

2. Ointment

  • Rozex gel: used at night; for killing bacteria 
  • Protopic ointment: not like steroid, it does not make your skin thin. Yet applying this ointment might make you more sensitive to sun light. 
3. Curing your heart
  • Most Rosacea patients like myself ...must have gone through times when they lose their confidence..when they feel upset ...Dr Chan is a good listener. Though he does not ensure a 100% recovery (which is also the fact), he definitely give you confidence!
Alright.. will keep you posted my situation. If you ever wanna know about the doctor's info, let me know.

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