Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trial and Error

Today is the 4th day taking medication.

Redness has reduced and dots have reduced too! Skin has become flatter.

I realized some factors triggering Rosacea that I rarely find online. All from my own trial and error.

1. Heat: weather in HK sucks! It is so humid and warm. So basically I have my A/C on 24/7. However, there are still times I leave my A/C off. And even with fans on, I can still feel the heat and it makes my face hot and itchy.

2. Sugar: I did not realize that sugary food triggers Rosacea too. But from recent trial and error, I realize everytime after having treats, my face just feel itchy. Bacteria love sugar. That's why.

3. Sweating and exercise: I know exercise is good for health and that's why I picked up running 3 months ago. Since then, my Rosacea has been unstable. I think exercise is still good yet sweating too much especially on face can be a problem.

All in all, still, no one knows the causes and direct trigger to Rosacea. Be it a bacteria issue, be it an immune system issue, everyone's situation can be different. I believe in trial and error and you know what you are not supposed to do.

Cheers. Stay tough Herosacea! 

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